I am Ishimwe Samuel Daddy, born in Rwanda in 1996. I am the only child of my mother and unfortunately I've never knew my father, since he died when I was a baby.


I discovered my talent in primary school, where I used to help my classmates to draw some class works. I have done my first painting when I was 10 years-old, in a workshop of a professional Rwandan artist (BIRASA Bernard) where he later taught me sketching at 13 years-old. Further, I pursued my art degree in 2013 at “Ecole d'Art de Nyundo" 

I started my career as a professional artist in 2016 after finishing my art school. I then started to create my style: "The DADDYISME". It is a style based on nature, which depicts Africa. It is a panafrican art lifestyle.

I’ve always been inspired by that story and quest of unity and peace, and I always paint positive ideas. Those inspirations are also related to my own story of never knowing my father and the African story of wars and slave trade.


I have always asked myself why us Africans? why always Africa? So, I took the decision as an artist to tell the world that we, Africans, are capable, to show the world through my language of art, the beauty and the bright future of our Africa United. In other words, the DADDYISME is a positive touch of any kind of creativity, to change the world through art.

I have participated in some National and international art projects and exhibitions such as:

  • Imagomundi project (2015)

  • Kivu Nuru art exhibitions (2015)

  • UNESCO 2018 (Paris)

  • Rwanda art museum (2018) 

I have also been working with galleries such as Jet Home Gallery, Iwacu art studio, Izuba gallery and African art to the world.


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